Workspace essentials

From cleaning to auto stocked office consumables there are no workspace essentials you won't find on Alosab.

Office Cleaning

Access high-quality cleaning service providers and work with the best cleaning service providers to maintain a clean and healthy office.
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Office Maintenance

Tackle all your office repairs and and emergency maintenance such as plumbing repairs, electrical repairs, handyman service, painting and furniture assembly.
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Food & drinks

Access a never-ending range of high-quality options from arranging office catering to ensuring your office and team get the fruit and snacks they crave on a daily basis.

Food & Snacks

Access high-quality catering service and work with the office catering service providers to maintain a healthy office.

Fruit & Drinks

We deliver a never-ending range of fresh fruits and high-quality drinks that your office and team needs.

Business essentials

Empower your company and workspace by gathering all your essential building blocks in one place.

IT-support services

Create a well-connected, more efficient ongoing managed IT services to support your office and keep your data secure, or as-needed support for your network, devices, and audiovisual system.

Digital Marketing

An on-demand content marketing team to write & grow your blog so you can focus on your core product, business, & users. You easily build your brand and reputation without the time commitment

Perks & treats

Create the perfect set of perks for all your employees including both one time services and on-going perks.


You'll find everything your office needs and more to maintain a healthy lifestyle and workspace such as Massage and Yoga.


Order and setup employee perks and treats as you wish. From anniversay gifts to birthday and special gifts.

Create a better office experience

Minimize the chaos of running your office and maximize the impact you can have on your company.