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Work as an Alosab agent and earn money with us. Get paid just for helping our community of renters get rental space around your town.

The people who work with Alosab share the vision and values of our community. We’re driven by the idea that the best work is born from due diligence, creativity and fun. Each day, we strive to connect people seeking for rental space in Nigeria to available rentals, we work to create the future of renting - today.

By joining our team, you are making a commitment to Alosab and it's management. Please keep the following guidelines in mind before you proceed:

Alosab aims to create a safe and interactive community for all, we will therefore verify your personal details,

Follow the rules. If you stop playing by our rules, you will be withdrawn permanently.


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Earn extra money

Earn money and visibility as an Alosab contract agent. Alosab makes it easy for you to cash in as you help our users secure rental space near you.

It's a side hustle thing

Looking for a side hustle or something outside your job? As an independent contractor with Alosab, you’ve got freedom and flexibility you want as we only hit you up when we need a rental space near you.

Great features

Alosab gives you the freedom to do other things you love when it makes sense for you. You choose when you can go hunt for rental space and areas you can as well cover.