Alosab is a small and vibrant family making rental space hunting seamless.

Our Commitment is to Users Satisfaction.

As a background, Alosab was launched on the 20th of September 2017. We are addressing a painful problem of house hunting. We make renting easier for everyone. We serve our users with a smart and simple platform that makes renting easy. We believe renters should be able to see the best rental space they want and be able to move-in as quick as they wish to. Our mission has always been to make our users happy, by solving, not only your rental hunting problem, but other related problems and this is why we’re also offering moving services. We ensure our users experience the highest ease and flexibility possible by providing them with superior service.

  • Complete Solution

    We take care of everything from helping you secure a rental space, to helping families and friends enjoy time together in a privately managed vacation homes in Nigeria.

  • Simple Methods

    With just a click, we'll help you secure your desired rental space and help you move-in your stuffs with our truck. We also provide an easy, stress-free family vacation customized services in Nigeria, at better rates.

  • Impressive Guarantee

    You save more money using our service while making your life easier - guaranteed. No hidden charges, No delay, 24/7 customer support team.

The Team

Diverse, but cohesive, Alosab team comprises of small group of amazing people passionate about making house-hunting seamless..

Stephen Oloh

CEO & Co-founder

Chidiebere Ezeobi

CTO & Co-founder

Fidelis Okara

COO & Co-founder

Brown Christopher

Product Design

Chidi John

Growth and Operations

Asobi Michael


Andy Forstreuter


Osawe Izzi Ogie