The Workplace Management Platform

Discover how Alosab weaves services into one place and uses technology to change the rules of the game. See what service you want, where they’re based, and instantly book them. Find ways to break the ice, stuffs to bond over, and reasons to get back in touch.


The platform that helps you run a better workplace.

We set out to design the most beautiful 100% mobile service ever made and have repeatedly pored over every services that fits your needs. Everything, from schedule cleaning, maintenance, IT services to accessing high-quality commercial services, has been relentlessly refined.

We identify and onboard vendors who are recommended by real office managers in your city and you access each service you need directly in our platform. Alosab guarantees the outcome you need.

Make your corporate intranet suck less with brillant features built-in

We centralize and personalize access to the services your company needs. You select the service or define how you want it via your dashboard, and Alosab does the rest.

We provide added value to your customers to unleash your company potential. It’s a digital “headquarters” for all the tasks and services your company needs. You can integrate services from third-parties, or create your own in a way that make sense for your organization.


Frictionless and delightful

Tap your phone. Connect with all the tasks and services your office needs in a single dashboard. No redirect. You curate the dashboard to fit your company's culture.

Solution for all your need

You’re looking for — a delivery man, meeting rooms, a cleaner, or need to plan and manage your business travel. All of that are avilable in a single dashboard.

Rapid-fire Shortcuts

A simple dashboard with unique algorithm, service integrations, flexible payments with validated providers to offer you the trusted and delightful service you are looking for.

The easy, reliable way to have everything done at your office

A same day delivery service. A new way of apartment sharing. A great recruiting channel in terms of simplicity flexibility. It's easy to create options that make sense for the way your organization operates.